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Christine has been filming since she knew what a VHS camcorder could do. She has a B.A. from Rice University as well as a MBA from the University of Texas McCombs. In 2014, Christine's short films A Bird's Nest and Ya Albi were a Top 5 Louisiana Film Prize Finalists. They will be available on iTunes, Amazon, ShortsHD and continue to make the festival rounds. Funemployment, Christine's debut feature, produced under her banner Moth to Flame Films, is also currently being submitted to festivals. The company specializes in telling stories for business owners, artists, and families. Over the past five years, their innovative approach to media and marketing assets has raised almost $200,000 in startup funding via crowd funding. Her favorite thing to do is be on set behind the camera, but when she is not filming, she also enjoys watching movies, eating, and hanging outside.


Featured review

Christine's work is powerful and impactful. I've hired her--and Moth to Flame--for internal and external marketing materials and each time she's assessed our needs and developed outstanding products that went beyond our expectations. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat.
- Eric Hirst, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs at University of Texas Austin


  • The Earth Below

    • P19256, a young woman in a futuristic world that has eliminated men from its gene pool, struggles with her duty to become pregnant for her people. One evening, a fateful decision must be made: whether she will remain with the life she knows or escape with a mysterious lost traveler to unlock a future she dreams of.
  • Ya Albi

    • A Syrian refugee adapts to life in an unfamiliar country after her husband’s immigration visa is unexpectedly rejected.
  • Blind Date Rules

    • Michelle is an unlucky in love optimist. Her good friend Tonya has appointed herself matchmaker, but is a little overzealous. After a series of unfortunate dates, Michelle lays down some rules. If only she could follow the rules too!
  • A Bird's Nest

    • A lonely young boy hides from his troubled life in his own secret hideout, until the day he befriends the girl next door.

    • Josh Covert, a savvy but struggling businessman, returns to his boyhood home after learning that he has inherited a ranch from his deceased ex sweetheart. Fortunately or unfortunately, Josh may also have a young daughter, Maddy. Though skeptcal about his paternity, Josh revisits his past to make a difficult decision.
  • Funemployment

    • A group of entrepreneurs are pulled into FunEmployment by the allure of a new start up. It's all fun and games until relationships, money, and uncertainty get in the way in this stark, comedic look at the burn out culture many college graduates face today. Will they stick it out, even if they have to eat ramen for every meal? Will their application make it to the market? What are they willing to sacrifice, or when is it time to call it quits?



  • 2014 Moth to Flame Reel

    • Highlight: A Bird’s Nest, HP Lean 6 Sigma Training Video Series, Blind Date Rules
  • 2012 Moth to Flame Reel

    • Highlights: Bri Bagwell Whiskey Music Video, Bad Dates Web Series, Circuit of the Americas Street Videos
  • 2011 Moth to Flame Reel

    • Highlights: Dish Society Promo Videos, McCombs Music Video, Sh*t MBAs Say

My Journey

In 2010, I embarked on an exciting adventure to become a full-time filmmaker. I never looked back. This journey has not only helped me discover who I am but also taught me countless life lessons. Filmmaking has both fed and stroked my hunger to create. The more I do, the less I know it seems because I'm constantly on a path towards something greater and bigger than myself. Along the way, I have documented many of my experiences so that others may learn and rejoice from them as well.


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3 Best Director Awards
2 Best Picture Nominations
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Academy Awards Short List Prayer for My Heart – Ya Albi

November 2017

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My quest to pursue my dream has is only possible because of the support of many people along the way. I am thankful for the countless lifelong relationships I have made and hope to make more in the future. If you have would like to share your work, ask me questions about mine, or perhaps need help on any of your future projects, please feel to give me a shout. Emails tend to get lost so please bare with me or shoot me a reminder if you do not hear back. I try my best to respond to everyone.



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